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Ark Survival Level

3D game Models

I started learning 3D graphics during my Associate's Degree but as I continued through school 3D work fell to the way side. After working with and critiquing the talented artist from my game teams I decided to grow my skills as a 3D artist and begin creating game assets to continue my own learning and knowledge to help me to obtain a career in the games industry.  

As a child I had my head in the clouds all the time imaging worlds beyond the one I lived in. I always wanted to share these magical worlds with others but lacked the skills to create them. Now with the access to software like the Unreal Engine 4 and Maya and my continued desire to learn and grow, I am able to start to creating these worlds to let others experience them the way I have seen them in my mind.

3D Work

Started learning level design using the Unreal Engine 4, utilizing the assets from the ARK Survival DevKit. Above are some screenshots of a cave entrance. This level I experimented with learning the basic editor tools as well as level streaming. 

This design I am currently working on, is to build a level that is based on concept art. Using assets from Infinity Blade: Grass Lands, I developed a general layout using Box Brushes. Currently I have been replacing Box Brushes with Static Meshes and updating materials. 

Reference image - 

Level In Progress